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Recruitment marketing online and offline

Recruitment marketing for ELBAG electrification systems from Weisel in Germany is an example of new digitalisation solutions in recruiting.
Recruiting new employees is a major challenge that can only be successfully managed with a perfect interplay of digital and classic media. In addition to web-based job boards, social media has opened up a new digital channel for personnel marketing. ELBAG electrification systems is consistently following this path and achieving good results with this mix across all communication channels.
Die Imagebroschüre der ELBAG Energietechnik aus Weisel in Rheinland-Pfalz ist ein Beispiel für gutes Design von der WOA Werbagentur.


ELBAG Energietechnik GmbH is a company in the electrical industry. ELBAG Energietechnik is an international leader in the manufacture of ready-to-use electrification systems. The company works on innovative power distribution solutions. With over 70 employees, the company is located in Weisel, Rhineland-Palatinate,Germany and in our eyes is one of the hidden champions from Germany.


Our task for ELBAG electrification systems is to develop a strategy for recruiting new employees. The big challenge for the medium-sized company is its location in rural areas, away from the metropolitan areas. By highlighting the advantages of the company and addressing the different communication channels (classic job advertisements in print, digital job advertisements in job boards on the internet and job advertisements via social media), a good solution was found.

Recruitment Marketing

Attract and retain employees

Recruitment marketing is directed both internally, to retain existing employees, and externally, to attract qualified new candidates. With the help of recruitment marketing, companies start a dialogue with existing employees and future candidates.

In order to bind employees emotionally and in the long term to the company, their needs should be brought into focus. Motivation and specific training are important keywords to ensure that employees feel in good hands and that they are seen.

Employees are always multipliers of the employer brand and can strengthen the reputation of a company, but they can also weaken it. This is where the external target of recruitment marketing comes into play in order to attract qualified employees. Every company should work out its own assets in order to present the company to the outside world as an attractive employer. In doing so, it is important not only to communicate the usual benefits, but also to address new issues that affect the everyday lives of applicants.

Recruitment marketing for ELBAG Energietechnik

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