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Wipro Limited (India)

Europe Analyst & Advisor Day, Frankfurt

Wipro Limited (India)
Europe Analyst & Advisor Day

Wipro Limited is a leader in information technology, consulting, and business processes, offering its customers solutions that enable them to better manage their business. Wipro has more than 170,000 employees serving customers in 6 continents.

In order to give European Analysts and Advisors in various industries the best insight into Wipro's range of services, we have developed a two-day event.
On Day 1, Wipro presented its own know-how and innovative power on a large stage. In addition to the Chairman of the Management Board from India and the Wipro Europe CEO, many specialists and trend scouts from all over the world were on the stage. In the meantime, the participants were able to book a conversation appointment on Day 2 on a specially developed booking app via the provided iPads. The first part of the Wipro Europe Analyst and Advisor Day ended with a festive dinner with live music and a world-renowned digital magician.
The second day started with a get together breakfast and was then characterized by individual discussions for the targeted exchange between the Analysts and Advisors as well as the desired conversation partners of Wipro.

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