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Wipro Technologies

CE Sales Kick-Off, Frankfurt

Wipro Technologies
Central Europe Sales Kick-Off

Wipro is a leader in information technology, consulting, and business processes, offering its customers solutions that enable them to better manage their business. Wipro has more than 170,000 employees serving customers in 6 continents.

After setting up a European company structure, approximately 130 Wipro sales managers from across Europe were invited to Frankfurt for a two-day sales kick-off event. For a better acquaintance among themselves on Day 1, a get together was conceived, which ended in a casual barbecue with live music in the evening.
The second day was realized as a classical workshop with presentations and discussions. In order to realize the conceptual approach of the management, we have provided drum-sessions in a relaxed atmosphere for a common accord of all participants.

Event Services
  • Event concept
  • Location scouting
  • Event management
  • Scheduling
  • Guest management
    incl. hotel booking and bus shuttle
  • Artist management
  • Event management on location
  • Technical equipment
  • Catering
  • Photo production
  • Graphic design and print production